weemote® X R11 and later Set-Up Guide




  • Lmyuda

    I have been sent the correct R11 set-up guide for the weemote X. I have also checked the AOC TV remote control. The AOC remote has a dash button ' - ' to go to the dash channels. EX: To do the 10-3 I would press 1 0 - 3 and the TV goes to channel 10-3. The B button on the weemote does not work. I have used the set up guide and have gone thru all the steps. EX: 10 B 111 and save and it on the favorites channel 1 brings up 103, no dash. 

  • John Stephen

    Did you first try learning the 'Dash" signal on your existing remote?

  • KathrynBenevides


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