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John Stephen November 22, 2013 Documentation and Tutorials

The attached PDF file covers a complete list of all available device codes for the weemote® X TV Remote Control. These same codes are searchable by going to http://www.weemote.com/codesearch but in case the page is down, you can refer to this file.

John Stephen July 30, 2012 Product Bulletins

If you are trying to learn special signals on the MUTE button as described on Page 10 of the reference guide, please disregard those steps and use the steps outlined below.
1. Press and hold down the "B" button until the LED light turns on solid green, then release the "B" button.
2. Press and release the "100" down in the program area - the LED light will blink from green to orange
3. Press and release the "Mute" button -  the LED light will blink orange
4. With the existing remote pointed towards the weemote, press and release the button you want to learn. If learned successfully, the LED will blink twice Orange and then go back on solid orange
5. With the existing remote pointed towards the weemote, press and release the same button you want to learn again (2nd time). If learned successfully, the LED will blink three times Orange and then go back on solid green
6. Press and release the "B" button to exit program mode. The LED light will blink three times green and then go out to confirm you have exited the program mode.
Note if you are having problems with steps 4-5, i.e. the light is going RED, you will need to adjust distances between the remote's (try closer in the range of .5-1" or farther out at 1.5-2.5") and trying a different lighting environment. Also, make sure the batteries in both units are in good condition. Once you find the right conditions, we also recommend you repeat all the steps again to ensure the signal has been fully learned properly. 

John Stephen March 18, 2012 2 Documentation and Tutorials

This is the new Set-Up Guide for our weemote® X. It is designed to replace the previous 2 manuals shipped with our product called the QuickStart Guide and Reference Guide. It is also updated to include our latest software release R11. 

If you have an R10 version weemote® X, this Set-Up Guide can also be used with the folllowing differences.

When programming favorite channels 6-10 as described on Page 11, a version R10 weemote® X will not automatically change the channel up/dn control to scanning favorites only. You will need to do this manually as described on Page 16 of the guide. There is also a difference in behavior when setting this option in an R10 unit versus the R11 version. When setting the channel up/dn control to scan through favorite channels, the R10 model surfs through favorite channels 6-10 while the R11 version will surf through all favorite channels 1-10.

We recommend all users use this Set-Up Guide versus using the QuickStart or Reference Guides. 

John Stephen November 25, 2011 Documentation and Tutorials

The linked PDF file contains corrections to errors in the weemote® X R10 Quickstart Manual. Current product shipments include this sheet but you may receive a unit already in distribution which does not contain this addendum sheet. 

John Stephen November 21, 2011 FAQ

Yes, the weemote works with most Dish Network systems. The only caveat is that the Dish Network receiver box box must be able to accept infrared commands (IR) and not radio frequency commands (RF) only.
The way you can tell if your receiver uses RF remote control is the fact that you can take your original remote control and not need to point it directly at the receiver to operate it. With RF remote control, you can be completely turned around from the receiver or even in another room. If your original remote still works under these circumstances, then your receiver uses RF based remote control.
Some Dish Network receivers actually use a dual-tuner system, where the location of the actual receiver unit operates using IR remote control while a remote TV in another room is controlled using RF remote control. In the case of a dual-tuner system, the weemote will work with the TV directly connected to the receiver but not to the remote TV in another room. 

Keep in mind that some of these units can actually support both IR and RF signaling. You can check your receiver by going into the setup menu to see if it supports IR. You may need to turn this feature on to allow the weemote to communicate with it. 
To reiterate, the weemote supports IR based remote control only.